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Oat pancakes with apples
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The best solution for an everyday hassle-free healthy diet

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from 10,82 €/day
2 500 kcal/day
from 14,15 €/day
1 200 kcal/day
from 9,98 €/day
2 000 kcal/day
from 12,48 €/day
1 500 kcal/day
from 10,82 €/day
1 500 kcal/day
Stewed chicken liver with vegetables
The price of a week’s menu plan includes:

A balanced diet that fully covers your ideal daily calorie intake for 6 days

3 deliveries
6 breakfasts
6 lunches
6 salads or healthy snacks
6 dinners
How it works:

Free yourself of the chore of cooking for almost a whole week in 4 simple steps

Open the door
Our courier has already delivered your order. Enjoy your meal!
Go to the website
Choose a nutrition plan that matches your needs
Place an order
By filling out the form on our website, through your personal account or by calling us
Pay for the order
In any way convenient for you: online or in person when receiving your order from our courier
You can always
Call us and make changes to your order without any additional costs
Suspend ongoing deliveries
for any period of time before 11:00 pm one day prior to your scheduled delivery
to the delivery address before 12:00 pm on your scheduled delivery day
Make changes
(costs will be recalculated) before 11:00 pm one day prior to your scheduled delivery
Switch to another menu plan
Remove or replace
an ingredient if it doesn't suit your requirements
What do we offer?

Eat healthier without extra efforts

Eliminate routine shopping, cooking and the dishes
Entries start from 2,50 €, and a day’s menu set – from 10 €
Three weeks of balanced daily menu sets without repetitions
The quality of produce undergoes three checks: by our suppliers once shipped, upon delivery to our facility and immediately before cooking
Our containers are made of 100% recyclable plastic. The packaging allows you to have your meal on the go or warm it up at home
Sous-vide, oil-free high heat grilling, stewing, baking, and steaming minimize vitamin and nutrient losses
Eliminate routine shopping, cooking and the dishes
Frequently asked questions
Ready meals
Order and payment
Do you have preservatives in your meals?
We cook without preservatives, artificial flavorings, stabilizers or other additives. We use only spices, lemon juice, garlic and turmeric as flavor enhancers.
How can I be sure that the produce is safe and of high quality?
The quality of the produce we use undergoes three checks: quality control on the supplier side (as attested by corresponding certificates), verification of each ingredient upon delivery to our facility and immediately before cooking.
Can I microwave meals in the containers they are delivered in?
Yes, our containers are microwave safe.
Can your meals be frozen?
We do not recommend freezing the meals so as to retain maximum flavor.
How can I be sure your packaging is safe?
We care about the environment. That’s why our containers are made from 100% recyclable plastic. Once discarded into yellow containers, plastic can be recycled and reused 5−6 times.
How do you cook the meals?
We use sous-vide, oil-free high heat grilling, stewing, open and closed roasting and steaming. The core principle is gentle preparation and cooking to retain maximum vitamins and nutrients.
Do you have a low salt and fat menu set?
According to WHO recommendations, a safe level of salt intake for an adult is no more than 5 grams per day. Our menu plans are developed to incorporate 2 grams of salt per day, so that you can enjoy your food in a safest way possible.

In terms of fat content, our menu plans strike a healthy balance between animal and vegetable fats, favoring the latter. We use high quality olive oil produced in Spain and steer clear of palm oil and combined fats.
Why don't you freeze your meals?
Our menu sets contain fresh vegetables and fruit, which can lose vitamins and flavor once frozen. Our scheduled deliveries, which bring healthy nutrition to your door every other day, make freezing pointless. Enjoy freshly cooked meals. All you need to do is warm them up.
How can I place an order?
You can place your order by calling us at +34 900 839 238, filling out this form or through your personal account on our website.
How many days do your meal plans cover?
You can order menu plans for 2, 6, 12 and 24 days.

Alternatively, we are happy to develop a tailor-made meal plan just for you for any number of delivery days.
How do I pay?
You can pay in any way convenient for you: online or in person when receiving your order from our courier.
What is included in the price of a week’s menu set?
The price of a week’s menu plan includes 3 deliveries: 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 salads or healthy snacks, and 6 dinners

A balanced nutrition plan to fully cover your calorie intake for 6 days.
How is it delivered?
Our courier brings meals to your door each Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm.
Can there be delays?
We try our best to conquer traffic and weather conditions, but delays can happen, in which case our courier will call you to adjust and coordinate.

At your request, we can always leave your order at your door, with a concierge or neighbors.
Can I cancel my delivery?
You can suspend your ongoing deliveries for any period of time without any additional costs, if you do it before 11:00 pm one day prior to your scheduled delivery
Why do we deliver every other day?
We cook on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and deliver your meals fresh off the stove.

Every delivery contains menu sets for 2 days, so on Monday you will receive your meals for Tuesday and Wednesday, on Wednesday — for Thursday and Friday, and on Friday — for Saturday and Monday.
Order a personalized menu plans

Personalized menu plans

If ready-made solutions don´t suit you
If you have any special wishes, a personalized training program or medical recommendations, fill out this form or call us and we will tailor a menu plan just for you
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